Bungalow Clothing website

Expect to see a lot more of John Legend when it comes to Bungalow Clothing.

The e-commerce company officially took its personal styling service out of beta mode as it seeks to disrupt the online shopping cart by essentially doing the shopping for its customers. And with the full rollout of the service, it means cofounder and Grammy winner John Legend will be getting more involved with the company, according to cofounder and ceo Rob Wright.

“You’re going to hear him out in the public talking a lot more about it,” Wright said. “He’s always been involved on the business back end with the look and feel and even on the merchandising side.”

Bungalow launched in 2013 as an e-tailer, targeting fashion-forward working mothers by shipping boxes of clothing items, or “closets,” made up of personal selections as well as add-ons — a matching blouse, for example — that could be tried on at home. The company carries more than 100 brands, including Iro, AG and Ramy Brook.

“Over time, we just had so many people kind of asking us can you just do [the shopping] for me,” Wright said. “They really weren’t interested in the shopping process. That’s when we moved exclusively to personal styling.”

The behavior observed among its customer base was driven by the reality of who the company serves but also a broader shift taking place in the e-commerce landscape, Wright said.

“The vast majority of our customers are moms, so time is an issue,” he said. “Going to a site and sorting through thousands of images in order to buy stuff to try on, that’s kind of backward….There’s a disruption of the shopping cart is really what’s happening. If you look at the subscription companies that charge you $50 a month to send you stuff, people love those things because they don’t have to go through the shopping cart process.”

Bungalow Clothing began dabbling with the styling service roughly a year ago for select customers. The service takes data gathered from a questionnaire, asking about everything from style and price point preferences to favorite materials or colors, to inform a stylist who then pulls appropriate product to send. Customers keep what they like and send back what they don’t want free of charge, both ways.

The average customer spends $419 with Bungalow every 47 days, according to Wright. The top customers on average spends about $4,000 with the company on a monthly basis.

Wright has been funding the business up until the company closed on an undisclosed round in August that included VegasTechFund.

Wright is based out of Los Angeles. Distribution and the rest of the cofounding team, as well as buyers and merchandisers are based out of Las Vegas.

Wright said the company doesn’t disclose financial information but told WWD in 2013 that revenue could reach $25 million to $30 million by the end of 2014.