Burberry teams up with Snapchat for Fashion Week.

One-hundred million users view up to four billion videos a day on Snapchat — and Burberry wants in on the action.

The U.K.-based brand will team up with the social messaging platform for a multipronged marketing push surrounding its women’s runway show Monday, which will also feature a live music tie-in with Apple Music.

The night before the show, Burberry will give Snapchat users a sneak peek of the looks that will be on the runway. And while some designers have been known to tease their collections online with a look or mysterious snippets of a coat or dress, the brand will be revealing significantly more via short videos on the platform.

“You’ll see as much of the collection that is ready to go,” a Burberry spokesman said. “It’s a new piece of behavior.”

The brand isn’t worried that fashion enthusiasts will be less excited about the show if they get a sneak peek the day before.

All of the content will disappear after 24 hours. And, if anything, the ephemeral nature of the platform “heightens that sense of special occasion,” the spokesman said, adding that Burberry wants to “play off of those behaviors.”

While the Burberry team will control the preview, videos and photos from the show will also be featured as a Live Story, which will be curated by Snapchat.

Unlike the collection preview, which includes content posted to the brand’s own account, the Burberry Fashion Show Live Story will contain images from showgoers, bloggers, models and photographers who might be capturing moments leading up to and during the event. The Burberry story will be the only, monobrand Live Story during London Fashion Week.

Live Stories are shaping up to be a revenue driver for Snapchat, which sells 10-second ad slots that run during the stories. According to a source close to the partnership, Burberry made a sizable social media ad buy in their Live Story, although it’s unclear whether Burberry purchased all ads within the story or if other advertisers also participated. The rate Snapchat charges for this prime placement also remains unclear, although insiders suggested that it’s around a few cents per view. This can ad up when a story gets tens of millions of views. Neither Snapchat or Burberry would comment on the brand’s spend for the program.

“It’s known for being a high-reach, high-engagement platform,” Burberry’s spokesman said, declining to reveal how many followers the brand has on Snapchat. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, the number of followers a person or organization has on Snapchat is not publicly visible.

Even though Snapchat is known for skewing toward a younger user, Burberry said its growth on the platform was on par with the adoption rates it saw on other social media channels. The brand used Snapchat for the first time seven months ago during Fashion Week in February.

Millions of people are expected to see the Burberry call to action on Snapchat, including users who might have otherwise not been exposed to the brand’s Fashion Week content.

Beyond Snapchat and the brand’s newly established Apple Music channel, the Burberry show will be live-streamed on burberry.com, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Live-streams will also take place in-store at both the Regent Street and the shop in Terminal 5 in Heathrow Airport. A syndication of the live-stream will be available to any number of media outlets that can embed the content into their coverage. According to Burberry, hundreds of partners use this content.

To actively engage its Asian following, the brand will post imagery and videos before, during and after the show to Line in Japan, Kakao in South Korea and WeChat in China. Line and Kakao will have social commerce integrations, with exclusive makeup products being offered for in-platform purchase following the show.

Runway Made to Order, which debuted in 2009 as a way for shoppers to place orders for runway looks immediately following the show, remains a key part of Burberry’s mission to try and bring the runway directly to consumers. Select outerwear and handbags will be available to be purchased — and personalized — through Oct. 5, with customers receiving their items months before they arrive in store.

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