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Art and design outpost The Future Perfect has taken up residence with a new concept in Los Angeles.

The company, which also has locations in Manhattan and San Francisco, on Wednesday opens Casa Perfect, a by-appointment space in a Hollywood Hills home.

The 3,000-square-foot space, located in a mid-century home, will feature outdoor furniture by Christian Woo, ceramics by Eric Roinestad and pieces from a brass hardware collaboration between Commune and jewelry designer Lisa Eisner among many other pieces to be unveiled specifically for Casa Perfect’s launch.

“For us, our business has really evolved into a very by appointment-only type of business,” said The Future Perfect founder David Alhadeff. “It felt right to do something here that was ultra exclusive and ultra private, which is why we did something in a house in a unique context that’s non-commercial.”

The space will also serve as a backdrop for events in keeping with the destination Alhadeff sought to create with Casa Perfect, as he noted the requirement for retail to be special in a market such as Los Angeles where there isn’t much connectivity within shopping districts.

The showroom concept and the desire to create something unique, was also driven by broader changes in the retail landscape, he said.

“Retail has really changed certainly. We opened in 2003 and the idea of what service retail provides has really evolved in that time,” Alhadeff said. “At one time, it was appropriate to put a shop up somewhere and to have an offering there and you would be introducing your clients to that offering, but I don’t think that’s entirely relevant anymore. Most of our clients are familiar with what we do through the online experience.”

People do their research first and vet the work instead of coming to a space to discover works of art, he added.

“Doing something completely experiential, feels very modern,” he said. “[For] myself as a shopper, if you tell me about a cool store, you’re generally telling me more than the stuff that’s in the store. We’re providing that story for our clients and we’re providing that level of interest.”

Other designers visitors will find at Casa Perfect include Lindsey Adelman, De La Espada, Michael Anastassiades, Bec Brittain, Calico Wallpaper, Piet Hein Eek, Dimore Studio, Pinch, Roll & Hill, Kasthall Carpets, Lex Pott and Christopher Stuart.