ComplexCon Long Beach

Zak Cooper, 18; Ari Cagan, 17

WWD: What did you want to purchase?

Cooper: I just came for the experience, really, but I mean like a lot of people, everyone wanted the Diamond Dunks, but that was shut down.

Cagan: I just wanted to buy stuff I can make money on.

WWD: Are you from the West Coast?

Cooper: We’re from New York. We fly in for every ComplexCon.

WWD: Did you purchase anything?

Cagan: We got quite a bit of stuff. I just bought these Union x Vans.

Cooper: I got some Mindseeker Vans today.

WWD: What are your favorite brands?

Cooper: Really just some of our friend’s brand Maroon NYC. Sneakersnstuff is a good store. I like Adidas, too.

Cagan: Maroon NYC and Sneakersnstuff, that’s about it. That’s all I really buy from.



William Hill Arnold, 27

WWD: What did you want to purchase from ComplexCon?

Arnold: The Diamond Supply drop, but they shut it down yesterday and that’s what I’m trying to get today. And I liked a lot of the Bait Bearbrick stuff.

WWD: What are your favorite drops from this year?

Arnold: It was late last year but the Nike Air Max by Sean Wotherspoon.

WWD: What are your favorite brands?

Arnold: Adidas has been killing it. I’ve been on Adidas really heavy lately.

Nina Monet, 17

WWD: What brought you to ComplexCon?

Monet: Well I knew there were going to be a lot of companies here that I wouldn’t be able to see the clothes in person, because I don’t like to online shop. I wanted to see Frankie Collective. Kid Super. I got some stuff from there yesterday. Some of the new Reebok stuff.  I purchased this Kid Super denim set. I also purchased this shirt I have on. Also a crossbody bag and a chest rig and a graphic T-shirt. And some socks.

WWD: What do you think about how brands are speaking to young girls who are into streetwear?

Monet: I think they are doing a pretty good job. I think a lot of the companies are starting to have more clothes that appeal to women. Before it was hard; if you wanted to wear streetwear you had to wear boys’ clothes and make them more feminine. But now they are strictly addressing women. They still have work to do, but they are doing better. Me, personally, I like to wear a lot of boys’ clothes. I think that with my style it works, but for other women they want to see more form-fitting clothes. Things that make them look feminine but still show that they are into streetwear.

WWD: What are some of your favorite brands?

Monet: I love Off-White just because I love Virgil and I love what he’s doing in the fashion community and opening up doors for black people. I love Heron Preston. I love MCM. I like their bags.

WWD: Are you attracted to brands based on personalities?

Monet: That’s definitely part of it. It does impact my decisions on what I buy and things like that. I like to support designers that are doing something different or speaking to the people. Supreme is cool, but I like to buy stuff from designers who interact with their customers.


Marley Henry, 25

WWD: What brought you to ComplexCon? What did you want to buy?

Henry: Anything that’s resalable. I got two Notorious BIG Pop! Rocks, and a Steve Van Doren Pop. I got a BBC Hoodie. I got the Cocoa Snake Air Force 1s from Atmos. I’m reselling everything.

WWD: What brands do you like to wear for yourself? 

Henry: I like Supreme, Balenciaga and my own brand Designed for Destruction. I like anything that’s in, to be honest. Anything that I can make my own.

WWD: Where are you from?

Henry: I’m from New York. I flew out for this event.

WWD: What do you think of the event overall?

Henry: I think it needs to be a little bit more organized. I think they need to live up to their expectations a little bit more. I was expecting to see Virgil. I was expecting a booth of Off-White clothing. I want them to accommodate the consumers a little bit more.

Ana Sragale and Nora Decataleo

WWD: What brings you to ComplexCon?

Decataleo: We are here on holiday from Switzerland and it’s our first time in L.A. so we thought we should pass by and see what it’s all about.

WWD: What do you want to purchase?

Decataleo: I want to go to the KNC booth and get the lip and eye mask.

WWD: What are some of your favorite brands?

Decataleo: That’s hard. I like Golf by Tyler.

Sragale: I like Soto Gang. She’s a famous artist from Switzerland but she lives here in L.A.

WWD: How do you feel about the way streetwear brands are speaking to women?

Sragale: I think it’s getting more open. Fashion overall is getting more open to women’s styles more than it used to.


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