As global sales via e-commerce are poised for substantional growth, retailers are responding by making significant omnichannel investments. But a recent consumer survey shows that a larger number of consumers remain dissatisfied with online customer service.

The survey was conducted by Forrester Research and eGain, and included 10,000 U.S. shoppers. The survey “assessed customer perceptions of omnichannel customer service, compared to a year ago,” the researchers noted. The results revealed that 68 percent of consumers “rated omnichannel customer service (customer service across multiple touchpoints, including channels and people) to be worse or about the same as last year.”

Sixty-eight percent also said their perception of call center customer service was the same or worse as they perceived it to be a year ago. In regard to interactive voice response self-service, 67 percent said it was worse or about the same while 63 percent said Web site self-service was worse or about the same as they perceived it to be one year ago. And 61 percent said agent-assisted Web customer service was worse or about the same as last year.

Ashu Roy, chief executive officer at eGain, said “disconnected point solutions and a lack of knowledge” is disrupting the shopper’s journey.


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