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NEW YORK — The intimate apparel department at the Bloomingdale’s flagship was filled Thursday evening with a mix of curiosity seekers, devotees of retro and fetish-inspired lingerie, and a crush of fans of the boudoir queen of glam, Dita Von Teese.

The celebrated burlesque dancer was on hand to launch her first luxury line of lingerie inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood at Bloomingdale’s, as well as pose with fans for an autographed photo.

Von Teese stepped out in a custom-made black evening gown with a cut-out bodice that Zac Posen had designed three days earlier for the occasion. The idea, said Von Teese, was to have a carved out bodice on the gown so she could show off her favorite bra for everyone to see called Her Sexellency — a vintage-looking overwire bra encrusted with elaborate jet beading.

“I have an obsession with overwire bras and I collect them. My very first bra was an overwire and I was obsessed about making a modern version of it for my collection,” Von Teese told WWD before the presentation with four retro-styled models.

Von Teese said the idea for Posen’s gown for the Bloomingdale’s affair was hatched at a party for Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto at the Oscars.  

“Zac said let’s just make a dress and cut off the boobs,” said Von Teese.

Asked if she is flattered by the number of fans at the event who were dressed, coiffed and made-up to emulate her sultry, retro look, Von Teese replied: “It’s really become a phenomenon…When I do events in the U.K and Australia, you can see a sea of lookalikes in all shapes and sizes. I like to think its a retro thing and that they are trying to show their diversity. Once, a girl even showed up at a store in San Francisco called Dark Garden wearing a trenchcoat with rope bondage over lingerie. I thought it was pretty cute.”

Regarding other developments, Von Teese told WWD in February that she plans to semi-retire next year and also wants to have a baby. Is she pregnant yet?

“I keep practicing and incorporate lingerie into the program, if you know what I mean…It’s with the same boyfriend [from Chicago] at this point. I’m surprised no one has caught on to who he is, especially since we were sitting together with Jean Paul Gaultier at the Seduction event at Paris Fashion Week.”

She added that she hopes her baby-making sessions come to fruition after her two-week “Strip Strip Hooray” tour in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale, which runs through April 12.

If not, Von Teese intimated it “could be awkward.”

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