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NEW YORK — There was no official toast or ritual popping of the cork, just a steady stream of friends, designers and industry executives — more than 700 — pouring into The Doneger Group headquarters at 463 Seventh Avenue on Thursday evening to honor the firm’s 70 years in business and enjoy the pretzels and drinks.

Among those spotted in the crowd: Marty Staff, Karen Murray, Sammy Aaron, Dorothy Roberts, Dr. Joyce Brown, Marc Heller, Michael Mann, Michael Stanley, Carole Hochman, Laura Pomerantz, Deborah Weinswig, Butch Elias, Mitchell Modell, Ronnie Wurtzburger, Dawn Robertson, Denise Seegal, Fern Mallis and Lisa Gurwitch.

“The Doneger office does business the way the industry used to do business — with ethics, morals, love and passion,” Elie Tahari said.

Others pointed to the firm’s longevity, industry influence and reputation as trusted adviser to a broad spectrum of businesses. “Seventy years – that’s an incredible legacy. I see more movers and shakers here than I knew existed,” said William Susman.

“In an extraordinarily tough environment, Abbey has built up an amazing business,” said Allan Ellinger. “He is a true entrepreneur. He’s created a niche for himself and his company, and he’s also extraordinarily philanthropic.”

“This is a wonderful celebration for my family, the company, the industry and our friends,” said Abbey Doneger, president of The Doneger Group and son of the founder, the late Henry Doneger.