Dov Charney’s at it again with another lawsuit against American Apparel.

Charney is suing the struggling Los Angeles-based firm and former board member David Danziger for defamation among other complaints, according to a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Danziger resigned from the board earlier this month. His seat was filled by current chief executive officer Paula Schneider.

Charney is seeking at least $30 million in damages in addition to hundreds of millions in lost profits, benefits and income, according to the complaint.

At the heart of the lawsuit is an allegation that the defendants collaborated to prevent Charney from taking back control of the company he founded and headed as ceo until June of last year by making false statements about a criminal investigation into Charney, according to legal documents.

Friday’s lawsuit is one in a pile of legal complaints involving the company, former employees and hedge fund Standard General since Charney was fired as ceo last year for alleged misconduct.

American Apparel has since fought back with its own defense and filed a lawsuit against Charney in the Delaware Court of Chancery in May in which it alleged Charney is in violation of his standstill agreement and sought a temporary restraining order against him. A judge granted the order, which bars him from any attempts to remove members of the company’s board or make disparaging remarks about American Apparel or current or former company employees.

“Today’s complaint is yet another example of the habitual nuisance lawsuits that Dov Charney and his lawyer continue to file, and which we continue to defeat (as has been reflected by the recent rulings and stipulations in our favor),” a company spokesperson said.

American Apparel shares are trading down about 53 percent since the start of the year to about 48 cents for a market value of $87.07 million.