A highlights page on Catch

BERLIN Ebay is looking to more actively catch the attention and business of Millennial shoppers with its new shopping platform Catch.

Launching in a beta version exclusively in Germany today, Catch will be offered in other versions and with other features in the coming weeks and months, the German office of eBay said.

Catch is particularly aimed at the “young value shopper.” According to eBay, they are “a large group within the Millennials who want to discover and spontaneously buy the newest products at low prices, while also expecting good service and an inspiring shopping experience.”

Catch will gather the best low-priced products from eBay sellers from Germany and the rest of the world on one web site, offering a spectrum ranging from fashion, home and tech gadgets plus theme-oriented product groupings such as “Wanderlust” or “Pink Wall.”

Ebay set its sights on young bargain hunters in the beginning of the year with its offer “under 20 euros,” which gave it better insight into the young value shopper’s needs as well as the market’s potential in Germany, said Eben Sermon, director of eBay in Germany.

“Many young value shoppers have fun buying on eBay. But there is also another kind of young value shopper who prefers a more browse-focused experience, above all in categories like fashion or home decoration. That’s exactly what we want to offer with Catch: a web site with a variety of trendy articles that offers inspiration, invites one to browse and also tempts one to come back,” Sermon said.

Catch is conceived as an “off-eBay-Experience,” a complimentary platform that nonetheless builds on and makes use of eBay’s strengths, including the e-commerce giant’s wide inventory, the eBay inventory data or Trust & Safety tools, Sermon added.