An e-mail from Eloquii using Snap + Style Business.

Snap + Style Business has implemented its Curated Campaigns product with Eloquii, the vertically integrated plus-sized retailer for sizes 14 to 28.

The Curated Campaigns drive online and in-store sales of featured products and adds personalization.

“This product is the definition of omnichannel execution and helps to create a seamless off-line and online connection with customers in a highly personalized way,” said Anna Jensen, cofounder and chief brand officer of Snap + Style Business. “Personalization is top-of-mind for most retailers today. The consumer and the shopping experience has shifted with the advancements in technology. Retailers must adapt and change in order to stay relevant and continue to be a player. Adopting new technologies that not only engage the consumer, but the retailers’  existing assets, including its store associates, is the first step.”

An e-mail from Eloquii using Snap + Style Business. 

She said store associates utilize their knowledge of the product and give the in-store experience, recommendations and styling suggestions to customers through e-mail. “We’ve digitized that in-store conversation,” she said. Snap + Style Business works with such brands as Michael Kors, Shinola, Cosabella and Guess.

The Snap+Style Business gives the store associate the ability to have all of their contact customer contact information in one location and to visually curate product while adding a personalized touch for customers. In turn, the customer is able to respond directly to the e-mail, easily click on the product to purchase online or visit their local store to complete the purchase.

Jensen explained the way it works is the store associate, for example, sends a follow-up mail to a customer that there’s a great new top to go with the pants they bought. The customer can then click directly on the product and will be taken to that product page on, or they can respond directly to that e-mail. “It’s no longer a ‘do not reply’ e-mail. The inherent nature of the platform is to keep the conversation going,” she said. The customer can send a reply back and say what they’re looking for. “It’s all human-based,” she said. “We’re not a chatbot, we’re not an algorithm. The idea is to really utilize the knowledge of these store associates and what they know about the product, and give the great personal styling suggestions,” she added.

Snap + Style Business developed a SaaS retail-focused software that delivers insights focused on extending customized shopper engagements across platforms, devices and channels.

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