Compacts from the Monica Rich Kosann for Estée Lauder collection.

NEW YORK Monica Rich Kosann has designed one of Estée Lauder’s most ornate collections to date.

The designer was selected to design Lauder’s upcoming holiday offering, Monica Rich Kosann for Estée Lauder, which she debuted here last week. In line with Kosann’s namesake fine jewelry collection — strongly rooted in charms and lockets with a personal, storytelling element — the 17-piece collection contains items such as an enamel and Swarovski crystal owl compact and a lipstick-filled frog that has green and red Swarovski crystal detailing and sits atop a red enamel pillow.

During a walk-through of the pieces, the designer said she sought to create a line of makeup products that double as accessories.

“I looked at everything as fine jewelry,” Kosann said. She held up the Intuitive Octopus powder compact she created: a golden octopus swimming in various shades of blue Swarovski crystals. “To me, it’s a sea of sapphires.”

The range contains eight powder compacts, six solid perfume compacts and objects, two lip gloss charm bracelets and two lockets with solid perfume. Prices range from $150 to $275. The collection will see a launch for holiday at Neiman Marcus on Aug. 1 and global retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue, on Sept. 1.

Part of the goal in developing this line was to appeal to a younger audience, Kosann explained, who said expanding upon pressed powder and solid perfume was a must. Think the Estée Edit by Estée Lauder, the 70-year-old brand launched earlier this year in an effort to target Millennial consumers.

“I pushed them to do [a] lipstick [charm],” Kosann said, tinkering with a charm bracelet from the collection. It has a thick gold chain and a frog with green Swarovski crystal eyes and a crystal crown dangling from it. “They are a brand and traditionally they have always done powder and perfume. Period. End of story. And I thought that if you can wear this and it has lipstick in it how fun is that?”

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