Gen Z prefers stores with free Wi-Fi so they can share their experience with family and friends.

According to the latest Euclid Analytics report, the preferred amenity for Gen Z shoppers is guest Wi-Fi in stores, while scan-as-you-shop gadgets and free charging stations aren’t nearly as important.

Euclid’s survey found that the oldest members of Gen Z — those between ages 16 and 21 — appreciate free Wi-Fi because it allows them to share their shopping experience with family and friends, as well as take photos of different products. They are also less likely to compare prices online than other age groups. The preferred social app for sharing is Snapchat.

According to Euclid, retailers can entice Gen Z and other “younger generations” into their stores with guest Wi-Fi services to offer in-store incentives.

Euclid commissioned a study of 1,500 U.S. smartphone users in February to learn overall trends for brick-and-mortar and online shopping, as well as the likes and dislikes about in-store shopping. A component of that study included a look at how smartphones impact the in-store shopping experience.

In general, 64 percent of Americans said they still prefer to buy from a physical store. Further, more than 60 percent of those surveyed said they regularly visit a non-grocery store at least once a week, while only half of the respondents said they shop online that often. Sixty-six percent of Millennials — those between ages 20 and 35 — said they prefer shopping in a store. That’s because they like to see the merchandise (67 percent), enjoy browsing in stores (51 percent) and like getting the merchandise immediately without having to wait for delivery (45 percent).

But Gen Z respondents also are more likely to ask the store associate for advice than other demographics. And while many said shopping in a store can be inconvenient, mostly because they don’t want to wait in line, it was the Gen Z respondents, in particular, who said they get frustrated if they can’t find what they want.

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