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Shoppers can add predictions to their lists while perusing through Selfridges, thanks to the Psychic Sisters, who count Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner among their elite clientele. Located next to the Nespresso boutique on the lower ground level, Psychic Sisters owner Jayne Wallace has offered clairvoyant guidance alongside her “sisters” for 10 years. Services include tarot card reading, clairvoyance, astrology, crystals, palmistry and healing treatments. They have advised on topics including love, career and life choices.

Wallace said that there is a six-week wait list for the popular service. “We do tarot card readings,” said Wallace. “We can link into energy site, do crystal readings, so kind of choose different crystals and link in that way. We do clairvoyance, which is linking into lovers that we’ve lost or passed over. We also do different forms of healing like hypnotherapy, reiki, crystal healing. We do many different services so it’s all about the client. The clients love healing but then they also love the readings.”

Since launching in 2006, the business has grown. “We started off with quite a small little space,” said Wallace of their concession. “Selfridges has supported us. It’s an amazing place to be because when you are in here, you don’t feel like you’re in a department store.”

Trained at a spirituals church, Wallace said that her interest started at the young age of 8. “My mom used to take me for healings a lot,” said Wallace. “I started to go into the spirituals church and I really got into healing. I think I’ve always seen, sensed things, from a small kid. I got quite ill at 12. So when I got really sick, I was really angry, so then I stepped away from help. When my mom died, I got back into it, so I think it’s more her guiding me back. I think it’s just something you’re meant to do.”

Wallace said her clients are varied with 60 percent female and 40 percent male but “doesn’t kiss-and-tell” when it comes to disclosing details of her readings. She and her team will also travel to where her clients are located, whether it’s in the Cotswolds or in Los Angeles.

“Everyone has such a different bag,” said Wallace of her clients. “You’ll go from the richest to the poorest, so everyone, to be honest, is different. I think people come not because they’re searching things. We try and sort of give you advice and guidance and then you find your own pathway. A lot of my clients are recommended so a friend will come up to you. Some people come for nothing, other people come with ‘What’s my life purpose? Should I leave my husband? Should I move?’ General day-to-day questions. Also if they’ve lost someone really close or someone special then they want to get messages from the other side and such. So I think people come from many different reasons.”

She said trust is key when it comes to her celebrity clientele. “Just because they’re in the eye of the public, they’re just normal people behind that,” said Wallace. “We try and work with integrity and honesty here; we’ve always done that. I think with our clients they have faith in…I think clients come back because of trust. I always say with this industry, recommendations are always the best. There’s a lot of readers out there who are very good readers; not everybody is as good as each other. But I always say we’re only as good as the person in front of us. So as a client, if you’re happy, then we try and give as much satisfaction as possible.”

She said setting up shop at Selfridges has helped their service. “I think being here brings integrity to what we do,” said Wallace. “We’re the only department store that has a psychic concession. It brings people that wouldn’t normally think, ‘Oh, they’re like witches and crystal balls at the end of the pier,’ then if they’re coming into a place like Selfridges and they go, ‘Oh my God,’ it must be credible for someone like this to have for us here.”

For 120 pounds, shoppers can book an appointment with Wallace for 30 minutes, while 70 pounds is the cost for a member of her team.

Wallace said that she would like to see the business grow and become bigger and said she is eyeing Los Angeles. “I really am obsessed with Los Angeles,” said Wallace. “I’ve got loads of really lovely clients and friends out there. I would love to kind of do a pop-up in Los Angeles. I like New York, too.”

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