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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry admires how his teammate Andre Iguodala dresses — Dior shirts, distressed jeans, Saint Laurent sneakers.

Now Curry is about to project some of his own personal style, albeit quite a different look. The NBA All-Star, among the league’s greatest shooters, has signed a deal with Express to be the first-ever brand ambassador for the retailer’s men’s wear. He’ll be showing up in men’s sports and fashion magazines, social media and on wearing the brand’s suiting separates, blazers, jeans and its number-one-selling men’s shirt, the 1MX. Curry will be brand ambassador at least for the 2015 spring, back-to-school and holiday seasons. “It’s a very integrated plan,” said Liz Crystal, chief marketing officer at Express. The campaign officially launches Friday with a party at Avenue in Manhattan.

Curry already endorses Under Armour, Muscle Milk and Degree and has done some shoots for GQ, but hasn’t been identified as a style maven like a lot of other NBA players. “He’s been more quiet about it, but he’s got his own personal style,” Crystal said. “He’s a great combination of easygoing, humble, confident and vibrant. He wants to look sleek and effortless. He needs to be comfortable.”

On the women’s side, Express has had some brand ambassadors. Currently, it’s Kate Upton, and in the past, pro surfer Anastasia Ashley. Robin Thicke appeared for the opening of Express in Times Square.

“We know it’s really important for a Millennial customer to associate with a mix of ambassadors that complement our brand and are relevant to our customers. It’s really important we associate selectivity. It’s a strategy now,” for Express men’s. “Athletes are really important to the male customer,” Crystal said.

Curry, in an interview Sunday, a day after he rallied the Warriors to a close victory over the Knicks, said: “We get offers all the time, but it’s about partnering with the brand you got the most experience with. I shopped there even before this opportunity. When I got the call, it made perfect sense. Express is already in my closet.”

Curry’s own style is not that complicated. “I like to dress up when I’m out of town, on date nights with my wife or for a special occasion. I keep it mostly classic. I throw on a pair of jeans and dress it up with a sport coat. I keep it classic, comfortable, and you won’t see me in too many wild colors. I guess for the most part, being a trendsetter for me is being classic and just more on the basic side, trying to look good and feel good.”

Though some slight tailoring was done for the Express fashion shoots, Crystal said, “It’s not a forced fit.


“Express off the rack still fits me,” said the 6-foot, 3-inch point guard. “The fit feels perfect. That was the draw from the get-go. It’s also affordable for most people” and, therefore, relevant to much of his fan base. His biggest fan, his father and retired NBA player Dell Curry, could be in for a wardrobe makeover. “He’s kind of old school,” Curry said. “I think if we want to update him, we could find some stuff for him. The denim is pretty spot-on. The collection is versatile, comfortable, durable. One of the things that impressed me is just the amount of different looks you can get. I’m going to be walking into the stadiums, with a nice smile, feeling good about myself in Express. It’s a huge honor for me being the first male in their history to represent the brand. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it.”


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