MILAN — Fendi unveiled its online store in the U.S. on Friday, following a launch in Europe earlier this year — a  step that chairman and chief executive officer Pietro Beccari views as instrumental to service customers. “We are doing it on our own because e-commerce is not even a new channel, it’s a need to satisfy customers,” said Beccari, referring to the fact that the site is done in-house by Fendi. “The customer is the same, the one that buys in brick-and-mortar stores and the one that goes online, maybe selects at home and then physically walks into the store,” said the executive during an exclusive interview.

In March, Fendi’s online store became available in 24 countries. While declining to provide financial details, Beccari said the company had seen results totaling “more than double” what had been expected. After the U.S., Fendi plans to launch its e-store in Japan by the end of the year — the “two main countries with China.”

Another reason for developing the online store in-house is “the circulation of information.”

“We know the customer well,” he contended.

Beccari also reasoned that “with a reasonable budget, we can offer a beautiful service,” leveraging synergies and shared logistics and warehouses.

The executive also noted that e-commerce will allow to reach certain areas in the U.S. where Fendi is still not present.

All products and, initially, “a limited presence of ready-to-wear, key looks,” will be available online. There will be only “a touch of fur,” such as Fendi’s “pom-poms.” “With fur, you still want to touch it,” explained Beccari.

Asked if the luxury industry is lagging behind other businesses in embracing this vehicle, Beccari said “time was needed to understand the dynamics and to mature,” noting that social media has been an accelerator. “Also, there is more transparency, and the luxury industry has less qualms about this tool. We have to be in tune with the times.”

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