Garmentory, the Seattle-based online marketplace that’s created a platform for shoppers to explore emerging designers and boutiques, is getting savvier on customization.

The company recently launched personalized shopping feeds that culls together suggested designers and stores for customers to shop based on their style and previous purchases.

“It’s really fun and different,” said cofounder and vice president of merchandise and brand Adele Tetangco. “Boutiques are so fragmented and spread out. Maybe there’s a line…and you know the boutique that carries it but maybe she doesn’t have your size. So Garmentory does a really good job bringing all these boutiques together. So the feeds are helpful in customizing for you.”

Feeds can also be tailored based on size or store.

Tetangco admitted to having a little bit of FOMO — fear of missing out — when it comes to emerging designers and the feed aims to assuage those concerns by creating designer and boutique suggestions for “another way of discovery,” she said.

Customers log into their accounts and take a short quiz where they’re asked about their personal styles — three different types for women — and then options are culled and further customization can take place from there.

About 70 percent of those who shop and visit Garmentory are female, which is where it mainly focused its efforts so far. It will be looking to bring on more men’s boutiques and labels beginning in the summer, according to Tetangco. About 15 to 20 of the 240 boutiques offering product through Garmentory are men’s only.

The company on Thursday will begin sending out customized e-mails to customers that will provide updates on new items added to their feeds. Longer term, the Garmentory’s mulling how to drive the traffic they get online back into the boutiques that are part of their network.

“We’re supporting boutiques,” Tetangco said. “So the whole passion and whole foundation of this business is really based on our love for supporting boutique fashion businesses so in the next phases, it will be about how to drive traffic to them. We love our stores and we want to grow with them. Online is just one way of doing that for sure and we’re just trying to think outside of the box.”

Tetangco alluded to “something up our sleeve” in the way driving physical traffic to stores, adding that details are forthcoming.

Garmentory, which was founded in 2014, raised a $1.3 million seed round in late 2015.