Two of the most digitally connected generations said they’ll shop at physical stores for back-to-school products. Millennials, born in the early Eighties to the late Nineties, and Generation Z, born in the mid- to late-Nineties or mid- to late-Aughts to the present day, overwhelmingly chose stores as the primary place they’ll shop for b-t-s purchases, according to a study by Teen Vogue and the International Council of Shopping Centers. According to the survey, 59 percent, voted for stores, 35 percent said they’ll shop both online and in stores and 6 percent chose online only.

The survey utilized Teen Vogue’s It Girl panel, a self-selecting community of 75,000 U.S.-based females aged 13 to 29 who opt-in to participate in Teen Vogue research. The survey group included 1,015 It Girls, 73 percent were aged 13 to 17 and 27 percent were 18 or older.

Survey participants consider b-t-s as an opportunity for making a fresh sartorial start. About 70 percent said they’re looking forward to trying new trends and styles. Of respondents 18 and older, 74 percent have a job.

Survey takers equated malls with fun and said that “online equals convenience,” the study said. “Respondents’ decision whether to shop in store or online hinges on what is important to them in that moment.”

Malls matter to Millennials, the survey concluded. It found that 73 percent of the survey group likes the fact that so many stores are in one place, 44 percent love in-store promotions, 33 percent said they choose malls so they can shop with friends and 25 percent said malls allow them to discover new brands they may not otherwise have learned about.

Jason Wagenheim, publisher and chief revenue officer of Teen Vogue, said he “wasn’t surprised that in-store shopping still wins. Back-to-school is such a belwether of what’s happening at retail. Eighty-four percent of respondents plan to spend the same as last year or more.”

We asked repondents by category what items they browse for and purchase online. They said device access. technology and handbags. The products they buy exclusively in stores includes denim, accessories and active wear and workout wear.”

A majority of survey takers — 76 percent — will shop at fast-fashion retailers, 69 percent at department stores and 54 percent, specialty chains. In terms of online shopping, 62 percent of respondents will spend their money on fast-fashion sites, 38 percent on e-commerce sites and 36 percent at department store sites.

Survey takers will purchase an average of 20 items for b-t-s. The must-have item is a great bag. Perfect-fitting jeans came in second place. In order of importance, respondents listed everyday casual clothing, shoes, handbags, technology and activewear.

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