Google has released its top beauty trends for the past two years — and hair care is the winner.

Worldwide, hair care will be an $81 billion industry in 2015, and the category accounts for more than half of all beauty-related searches on The research looked at monthly volume of beauty-related searches from January 2013 to August of this year.

And men’s hair is an area that’s garnering more and more attention. It’s the first year that men’s hair got more attention than women’s hair (by 6 percent), with the “man bun” becoming one of the most popular beauty trends this year. We can thank Hollywood and social media for that, according to the report, which credited hashtags such as #manbunmonday as contributing to the hairstyle’s mainstream growth. Searches relating to man buns — such as “how to grow” and “how to tie” — led the charge. Another hairstyle that’s picking up steam is the “comb-over,” especially in California.

“Man bun is interesting because while you had things surfacing from the past — this started to emerge because of celebrities picking up that hairstyle,” said Marc Speichert, managing director, global client and agency sales at Google. “It started with Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio, but Harry Styles is really the one who is associated mostly with man buns. We saw that lead to an overall explosion of the trend online by people searching for it.”

And much of these men are conducting their hair research via mobile. Of Google’s top men’s hairstyle terms, 82 percent of searches were conducted on a mobile device. YouTube is also a highly trafficked forum, and if comments are indicative of men’s struggles with their hair, they are desperate to know what they should ask their barbers. Videos on the platform are product-heavy, as well, with the top-five videos about man buns containing six products each, on average.

For women, braids made a big comeback in 2015, with “box braids” and “goddess braids” leading the search charge. The top-five YouTube videos about these two trends have received a combined 12.7 million views. It comes as no surprise that braid searches are higher in the summer months and are especially popular in the south. Eighty-five percent of braid searches came from a mobile device.

With respect to color, both genders were searching for “gray” and “purple,” with search interest in gray hair growing by two times year-over-year. Katy Perry is thought to be largely responsible for an increased interest in purple hair, and searches for “rainbow hair” have increased by 148 percent. Another popular search related to color is how one maintains hair color.