Guess Inc. has a new technology planned for play that’s aimed at wooing online customers into its stores.

The denim-maker and retailer is set to be the official launch partner for New Jersey start-up Radius8’s new service that lets retailers take the digital traffic they’re seeing around an actual store and help give customers the nudge to get off their computers and into the physical door. That means Guess will use Radius8’s platform, which lives on the cloud, to track what its web site visitors are looking for in relation to their nearest store. Visitors online will see dialogue box prompts on their screen informing them of things such as their nearest store or what other people are looking at that’s in stock, in store. They can then e-mail the store to reserve items.

“We’re giving the store intelligence to proactively communicate with that consumer,” said Radius8 chief executive officer and cofounder Sandeep Bhanote.

It’s about hyper-local product broadcasts in a bid to increase conversion in a world where consumers want their shopping experiences to be hybrids of the digital and physical, Bhanote said.

“We went from the old days of the Macy’s and the Gimbles, where the store was a magical experience, to the Nineties where Amazon was all about Internet and reach and an easy way to buy things, to now where consumers want the best of both worlds,” he said.

Guess, with more than 840 company-owned stores and nearly 800 more operated by partners, is expected to test the technology in a few dozen stores, according to Bhanote. He said it would be a mix of doors across the country. Other retailers, of which Bhanote declined to say who, are also in the pipeline to use his company’s technology and are predominantly apparel businesses in the affordable luxury and footwear spaces, he said.

The Radius8 product is set to launch Monday during the Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas.

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