NEW YORK — Less than a year after its launch, Hanley Mellon has lined up a lease for its first store, which will open this fall on the Upper East Side.

The luxury lifestyle company will relocate its showroom and offices to 29 East 61st Street, where half of the 2,400-square-foot space will be a boutique. The opening will be the first of what is expected to be three new stores in the next five years for the brand, which was founded by creative director Nicole Hanley Mellon and Matthew Mellon.

Inspired by travel, each collection is meant to be a snapshot of different global destinations as seen through the eyes and lens of Hanley Mellon. St. Barths, Antwerp, 15th century Northern Renaissance and Kenya are among the label’s recent collections. Even the Hanley Mellon trademark is the latitude-longitude coordinates for New York City.

Frederick Anderson, the firm’s president, said, “As we build the brand, it’s really important for people to be able to understand the true essence of what we’re about and to show the different products that we offer.”

To that end, a smattering of men’s wear, home pieces, furniture and accessories will be showcased in the new store, along with the women’s wear. “For the first time this fall, we will be sprinkling in a few ideas for men’s wear.” Anderson said. “The one thing we don’t want to be is pigeonholed as any one thing. The idea is to have people come in and shop, and to be intrigued by the Hanley Mellon lifestyle.”

Through a new partnership, the interior designer and architect Richard Mishaan is working on the new store, and also is designing a chair, table and other select furniture pieces that will be sold inside of it. Mishaan has his own ties to fashion. After studying architecture at Columbia University and apprenticing for Philip Johnson, he switched tracks to work as a fashion designer for a 10-year stretch and then returned to interiors in 1993 by opening Homer Design.

Aside from providing a place to test drive new products and to get immediate feedback from shoppers, Hanley Mellon’s first store “will really set the standard for how the brand looks and feels,” Anderson said.

Located between Madison and Park Avenues, the new boutique will share the same address as Jean Denoyer’s La Goulue, which is tentatively scheduled to reopen next year.

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