SUSTAINABLE SHOWCASE: Hennes and Mauritz UK and Ireland will launch its first Fashion Recycling Week to take place from Aug. 31 to Sept. 6. The retailer has teamed with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion to design window installations created with donated clothing from H&M’s garment-collecting drive. These curated window installations will be on display in eight cities including Dublin; London; Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester in England.

The retailer will kick off the initiative, placing a container for unwanted garments at the Covent Garden Piazza in London from Sept. 2-5, where customers can donate clothing and redeem discount vouchers towards the brand.

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“It has been an incredible opportunity for the students to explore sustainability from both a conceptual and industry perspective,” said Renée Cuoco, manager at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. “The students’ work showcases creative approaches in encouraging people to value their clothes as the precious resources they are.” Launched in 2013, the H&M Garment Collecting Initiative is a worldwide project to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

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