PARIS — Singer M.I.A. has made a new music video to help Hennes & Mauritz AB promote its World Recycle Week, which it hopes will help it collect 1,000 tons of second-hand garments from customers worldwide in its stores between April 18 and 24.

The video, slated to debut April 11 on hm.com, highlights the environmental impact of clothes going to landfills around the world. In addition, bloggers and characters from the video will post “rehaul” clips showing the pieces they are recycling through the H&M Garment Collecting project.

Customers can bring garments and textiles from any brand and in any condition to any of the Swedish fast-fashion giant’s 3,600 stores worldwide. In return, they will receive vouchers to use at H&M. Customers are also invited to create their own clips using the hashtag #HMrehaul.

The retailer has collected more than 25,000 tons of clothing since it launched the initiative in 2013. Two years ago, H&M introduced its first new garments that used recycled textile fibers as part of ongoing sustainability efforts.

“The long-term goal is to have zero garments going to landfill, as well as saving on natural resources,” it said in a statement.

“By recycling just one T-shirt, 2,100 litres of water can be saved — imagine the impact of 1,000 tons of garments collected during World Recycle Week. All textiles are welcome — odd socks, old towels, the dress with a hole — and nothing is too torn, worn or used for a second life,” it added.

The nonprofit H&M Conscious Foundation last month named the five winners of its inaugural Global Change Award, which rewards technology concepts that make the fashion industry more sustainable. Critics say these efforts are not sufficient to compensate for the overproduction at the root of the fast-fashion system.