This year’s holiday shoppers are “desperate to avoid the craze.” According to GPShopper, a mobile commerce and engagement solution from the Synchrony family, representing clients such as Boohoo, Crate & Barrel and Steve Madden among others, convenience and immediacy is key this holiday season.

Gaining deeper insight into the mind of the adult holiday shopper, GPShopper produced its “Holiday Shopping Experience: Immediacy as Currency” using third-party research from YouGov PLC, a global research and consulting firm, data was collected through an online survey with 1,357 adult consumer respondents.

Four themes emerged for holiday shopping behavior, as evidenced in the report; no waiting in lines, a seamless omnichannel experience, smart deals and the ability to shop in advance or have their items same day.

No time for waiting games

In the GPShopper survey, 53 percent of shoppers found crowds to be the most stressful aspect of holiday shopping.  Shutterstock / zhykova

This year, convenience reigned as the priority — 62 percent of shoppers said they would not wait in an hour-long line to purchase a gift and a majority of holiday shoppers, 53 percent, found crowds and waiting in lines to be at the top of their naughty list, or list of holiday shopping stressors. On the other hand, regarding the most stressful factors, 47 percent said, “not being able to find the product they want or need” and 25 percent noted late-arriving gifts.

Streamlined shopping

According to the survey, 36 percent of shoppers want to use a retailer’s mobile app.  Shutterstock / Georgejmclittle

Many of the respondents said they planned to combine both in-store and online shopping methods for the holidays, with 36 percent of shoppers wanting to use a retailer’s mobile app. Mobile commerce expands opportunities to use scan-and-go, visual searches and mobile wish lists.

Deals over gimmicks

Promos are preferred over gimmicks.  Shutterstock / Monstar Studio

The 68 percent of adult holiday shoppers who responded to the GPShopper survey said exclusive in-store sales would encourage them to shop at one store over a competitor, whereas gimmicks such as Santa drew a meager 12 percent, with window displays not being a strong deciding factor either.

They want it now

Having access to purchases same day warrants greater reward for holiday shoppers.  Shutterstock / Nejron Photo

More than half, 61 percent, of shoppers valued the ability to leave a store with their gift purchase same day, making malls a grooming grounds for not only gift inspiration but also impulse gifts.

Overall, retailers wishing to be competitive and full of cheer during this seasonal peak need to place “convenience at center stage,” according to Maya Mikhailov, cofounder and chief marketing officer of GPShopper.

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