In one of its most unconventional campaigns, Hollister taps more than 30 teenage customers to express something personal or special about themselves or something they believe in. While each brings a different message, they’re all wearing Hollister jeans. The campaign, called #HCoJeansMovement, launches Friday and will run through August.

Some models are also in the campaign, which includes stills and videos, but they’re not big names. “It’s about celebrating uniqueness,” said Michael Scheiner, vice president of marketing and communications at Abercrombie & Fitch Co., which operates Hollister.

One teenage girl in a still shot holds up a sign that says, “I’m graduating early to pursue my dreams.” In another photograph, a teenage boy, who is a model, has a sign reading, “Dyslexia didn’t stop me from reading. It challenged me to be more well read.” And another girl’s sign indicates, “Singing sparks my soul. All I need is a crowd and a mic.”

The customers were chosen through interviews and questionnaires. “We really wanted to have a good mix of people with things that made them unique,” Scheiner said. The campaign, done in-house, will appear via e-mail and on platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Hulu, Twitter and Spotify. Asked why the campaign invokes the word “movement,” Scheiner said, “It’s embracing uniqueness with individuals. What brings all of these people together is their love of jeans. Jeans have always been a key part of our brand, especially during back-to-school.”