Skin- and hair-care brand Intelligent Nutrients is opening a New York flagship on Friday, fulfilling a dream for late founder Horst Rechelbacher.

“This is a store that really is about experiencing,” said Nicole Rechelbacher, Horst’s daughter, who co-owns the company with his partner Kiran Stordalen. “That’s why we picked the location — because of the local connection we can have with our customers. We really look at doing events here, the table will be a working table — we’re getting stools — this is our play station, our experience table. We’ll have lectures here, mala-bead making or hand-massage techniques.”

When customers walk in, they’ll be greeted with a shot of Intellimune, a product that aims to boost the immune system. Toward the back of the store, Intelligent Nutrients will operate a pop-up salon.

The brainchild of Aveda founder Horst and Stordalen, Intelligent Nutrients focuses on natural, organic products using green technology. The brand’s products are free from petroleum-based and plastic ingredients, synthetic fragrances, silicones and known or suspected toxic ingredients. At the press conference for the brand’s launch in midtown in 2008, Horst drank the company’s hairspray.

The New York location builds on the business’ shop-in-shop in ABC Carpet and Home, two locations in Minnesota and store in Hong Kong.

“We just really thought about everything more holistically, and I think that’s where we’re really coming from tying to create something that feels effectual; it has performance but it’s grounded in something that feels really earthy, and just that holistic element that’s so, sort of, of the moment,” said Stordalen.

Intelligent Nutrients partnered with FaceLove Fitness, which will operate in a salon-like section of the space. FaceLove, founded by Rachel Land and Heidi Frederick, focuses on facial toning through strengthening the face muscles with exercise and touch.

“The store is designed to increase awareness and provide brand engagement and education,” said Tina Nesgooda, vice president of marketing and operations for the brand.

“We really want to get into the community and have this not just be a place where we sell shampoo and conditioner, but an experience. And that’s why we picked FaceLove Fitness, because it’s that experience piece of it,” Rechelbacher said.

The brand is experiencing double-digit year-over-year growth in the U.S., and growing at a faster pace internationally, according to  Nesgooda. “Over the next year, we expect this New York store to surpass sales from all other Intelligent Nutrients store locations,” she added.