Macy’s has been working hard to attract younger customers so who better to partner with  than nonagenarian fashion legend Iris Apfel.

“I was called by Macy’s. They said they were looking for someone. They dragged me over and — voila — here I am,” Apfel said during her shoot for Macy’s private brand INC International Concepts at Pier59 Studios.

Macy’s has teamed with Apfel to launch a collection within the INC collection called Iris Meets INC. It’s 40 “must-have” pieces capturing the spirit of Sixties Mod styles which Apfel embodies. Iris Meets INC will be sold in 300 Macy stores and on beginning in September and will set the tone for INC’s fall presentation. Aside from the campaign imagery and collection, Iris emojis will be on hangtags.

Apfel, sounding both bemused and delighted to be part of the campaign, said, “It’s been very fun. I like to do things that are fun. If you don’t have fun, what good is it? The clothes  are particularly suited to a younger generation but us old geezers can wear it as well.”

Apfel curated the pieces in advance of Macy’s manufacturing for its mass audience, and had the most impact on the accessories, which makes sense since oversize, round eyeglasses are her trademark.

The long-sleeve shirts are among her favorite pieces. “They’re a blessing for us older gals.” She also singles out the pants as ageless. “The only thing off-limits are the miniskirts and very sleeveless pieces, which I think expose too much for an older woman. Otherwise, it’s very versatile, all kind of mix-and-match.”

“The INC fall collection is really being introduced with this being the big idea,” said Nancy Slavin, senior vice president of marketing of Macy’s Merchandising Group. “Iris is curating a collection entirely inspired by Sixties Mod. She is absolutely on point regarding the style genre. We took lots of quotes from her to give it the authority and a narrative, as if she was the fashion editor speaking about what this collection is all about.”

Among the items in the line are floral flare-legged pants, shift dresses, suede patchwork A-line skirts and snakeskin-print trenchcoats. Prices will range from $49.50 to $199.50.

“Iris is about style. She is so charismatic when it comes to fashion,” Slavin said. “Her age is obviously something you can’t stay away from, but that is actually what gives her the gravitas, the attraction and the authenticity. There’s a fascination with her and it covers all age demographics. In particular, Millennials are learning about the history of fashion through her lens. At events, they are just lined up asking her so much about her career.”

When Apfel turns 95 in August, noted Slavin, “We will celebrate her in great style.”

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