SHANGHAI — Chinese e-commerce giant said it saw a record-breaking 15 million orders placed in 24 hours during its anniversary sale on Thursday.

The company said this represents a growth of more than 100 percent in orders compared to previous year. The sale commemorates the founding of the first iteration of the company in 1998.

The annual event, which began at midnight on June 18, saw 60 percent of orders placed using a mobile device — with customers utilizing’s app, as well as social media tools such as WeChat and Mobile QQ.

In comparison, during last year’s Singles’ Day event — traditionally the year’s busiest and most profitable day for Chinese e-commerce companies — saw 14 million orders placed, 40 percent of which utilized a mobile device.

In terms of individual product category performance, apparel and shoes saw more items sold out during the event than any other and’s Gap flagship store saw its story sales soar 13-fold, compared with their average daily sales volume for May.

More than 8 million items of clothing and 1.2 million pairs of shoes were sold throughout the 24-hour period, the company said.

The cosmetics and personal care also performed strongly, with a 20-fold increase in orders placed, compared with daily averages for May, said. has been bolstering its presence in fashion and related areas recently, snagging distribution deals with companies such as Uniqlo, Luxottica and Sephora.