JD.com will host its first JD Worldwide Business Conference in the U.S. on July 20, the day it will also unveil its U.S. Mall on its cross-border platform.

A second event will be held three days later in Los Angeles. The events will facilitate an information exchange between executives from the firm and U.S. firms interested in establishing a market presence in China.

U.S. Mall will be dedicated exclusively to selling authentic imported U.S. products to customers in China. Companies selling product on the U.S. cross-platform were not identified, but will include fashion and beauty firms, as well as major department stores, a spokesman said. U.S. Mall is the latest in series of mono-country malls on JD’s site. In June, it opened Australian Mall. Other “Malls” include Japan, also opened in June; Korea, in March, and France, in February.

The spokesman added that JD.com has plans to open additional mono-country sites on its cross-border platform.

The cross-border platform is aimed at providing an avenue for firms that either don’t have any affiliated Chinese entity or for products not currently in the Chinese market. Smaller firms can use the platform to gain access to the Chinese market without setting up an in-country presence. Larger firms that already are in China have the option of selling different products than they normally sell in their Chinese distribution chain, or use the platform to test market appetite for products that they might want to sell later on through the JD.com main site.

JD’s platforms are an access point for brands to the site’s 100 million active users.

Richard Liu, JD.com’s chief executive officer, will provide insights on the company’s plans for the global e-commerce market. Also present will be Haoyu Shen, ceo of JD Mall.

The New York event will be held at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan from 2 to 4 p.m. ET, while the Los Angeles program will be at The Langham Huntington Pasadena in Pasadena from 2 to 4 p.m. PT.