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Jessica Seinfeld is teaming with HSN for the greater good.

On April 28 Seinfeld will launch a fashion and accessories collection to benefit her Good + Foundation during “The List With Colleen Lopez: HSN Cares Special Edition,” from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. In conjunction with the launch, HSN will donate to Good + Foundation a two-day supply of diapers to a child in need for every Good + product sold.

Seinfeld founded Baby Buggy in 2001 to provide gently used and new children’s items to families in need. The name of the charity was changed this month to Good + Foundation to reflect its expanded mission, which includes supporting new mothers, engaging fathers and investing in early childhood.

“There’s an endless need for support for families in poverty. I was overwhelmed by how much these things [diapers, clothing] costs,” said Seinfeld, who is married to the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. “I grew up in a family where every dollar we spent mattered, so I really related to the mothers and fathers who struggle upon having a new baby, which for most families is a moment of utter joy, but when you’re dealing with poverty, homelessness and drug and alcohol issues, it’s a different kind of experience.”

Good + Foundation has distributed 20 million items to children in need since its inception. Seinfeld said she hopes to raise $100,000 during her HSN visit.

“HSN Cares raises awareness for organizations across the country,” she continued. “Consumers really participate. When they buy something they give a little something.”

When Seinfeld decided to put a collection together, she turned to her friend and fashion industry veteran Stefani Greenfield, cofounder of Scoop, for sartorial advice.

“I certainly don’t fancy myself a designer,” Seinfeld admitted. “I do try to avoid outfit shame.”

Greenfield’s support gave Seinfeld confidence that the collection would be trend-right and fashion-right.

“I worked with HSN on putting together a little collection of things you can throw on and things that I would wear around the house and when I’m running errands,” Seinfeld said. “I love functional fashion. I’m not someone who runs around in stilettos all day. I’m feel like I’m not 100 percent when I’m in anything but flats.”

Greenfield brokered the meeting with HSN. “Stefani is one of our leading brands,” said Vanessa Dusold, senior vice president of fashion at HSN. “She asked us to meet with Jessica. When she introduced us to Jessica and her team, and we immediately fell in love.”

Dusold said that Seinfeld “was more of a curator. She had favorite colors and prints. She wanted some giftable items and she showed us her favorite watches. The scarves are really incredible.” Prices for the collection range from $30 to $80.

“They loved what we were doing and really guided us,” Seinfeld said. “I added my own twists that make it fun.”

With a social worker mother, Seinfeld was attuned early on to poverty and suffering. “All through college I put myself through jobs at different social services. When I had my first child, I felt compelled to do something to help other mothers [in need] whom I knew about from always being exposed through mom and my jobs. I felt I couldn’t really sit around and saw all this stuff piling up,” she said, referring to the plethora of baby gifts she couldn’t use before the child had outgrown them.

“Very quickly, we realized that to effectively help a baby, you have to help the parents and siblings,” Seinfeld said. “When I started Baby Buggy, I didn’t have a five-year plan, and now it’s been 15 years. Jerry thought of the name, so I was very attached to it. But it doesn’t cover all the work we do in other areas around family poverty.”