Jos. A. Bank Clothiers Inc. has launched a tuxedo rental Web site under the name that will help customers manage the rental of formalwear from home or from any of the company’s 572 stores. Customers can browse through over 40 tuxedo styles, 340 neckwear offerings and 165 vests, and register their event on the Web site to monitor the status of their orders and communicate with friends and family through e-mail or text messages. That same information will be available to stores, where sales associates can confirm orders and access or create new events. The site can be used for weddings, proms and other social events.

Jerry DeBoer, senior vice president of marketing for the retailer, said, “We expect the site to simplify the tuxedo rental process for brides and grooms, who put so much time and effort into planning their wedding day. The new dashboard feature provides access to the most up-to-date information, so brides and grooms will no longer have to wonder if groomsmen have visited a store to be measured, or whether their tuxedos have arrived at a store.”