JustFab TechStyle Betches

TechStyle Fashion Group’s JustFab is looking to the Betches for its latest marketing program.

The El Segundo, Calif.-based fast-fashion e-tailer’s new partnership with the digital platform for Millennials that aims to be the source of “brutally honest news, gossip and advice” have the two working together on Betches-chosen apparel collections in addition to original content for JustFab.

The deal, which runs into 2017, exposes the two brands to the other’s respective audiences. For Betches, the New York firm scores exposure that goes beyond its core bicoastal following.

“For us, we really appreciate what JustFab has done as a digital retailer. JustFab is a huge retailer with reach into markets that we’re not as strong in,” said Samantha Fishbein, who cofounded the Betches Love This blog in 2011 with Jordana Abraham and Aleen Kuperman. The brand is now a book, web site, on social media and has an online store.

JustFab meanwhile gains a major toehold in the social media space with the digital-first publisher.

JustFab, whose parent recently changed its name to TechStyle in a bid to more accurately reflect its roots as a tech-based business, is part of what spokeswoman Kira Cohen said will be a greater shift among both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce players to align with popular digital brands similar also to WhoWhatWear’s apparel collections for Target.

“For JustFab, partnering with Betches just makes sense – we are at the forefront of using technology to better understand our customers’ needs and serve them with the right products, styling, trend information, and fashion and lifestyle content,”said TechStyle chief marketing officer Traci Inglis. “Betches provides its customers with just that, along with a healthy dose of humor. It’s a platform where you can have fun with fashion and lifestyle content, and laugh with your friends over how relatable it really is. That’s exactly the type of partnership we want to offer our customers.”

Betches caters to the 18- to 30-year old set, described by Fishbein as edgy and trendy with an original identity. The site’s more recent content included headlines such as “There Might Be More Twilight Movies and Nobody Cares” or “Low-fat Cheese Isn’t Good for You So Let’s All Stop Pretending.”

Part of the deal includes Betches collections, or selects from the existing JustFab offering that the Betches founders choose and will total anywhere from 15 to 30 items. The first of those collections launches Saturday and that is expected to continue on into next year.

Up for consideration are possible specialty apparel pieces as part of the deal, according to Cohen.

The partnership will also include contests and original content created around the Betches collections for blog posts or JustFab e-newsletters.