Shopify is set to integrate platforms with AIMS360 ERM software.

Klarna is now a member of the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program, which targets “high-growth and high-volume” retailers and brands. Klarna said the integration will allow retailers in the U.S., the U.K. and Germany to “easily implement Klarna’s smooth payment suite,” while offering an improved customer experience “and thereby unlock additional growth potential.”

Klarna’s payment solution is designed to increase conversions and build loyalty by creating a friction-free payment options that meets the needs of today’s consumers. When coupled with the Shopify program, retailers have access to tools that open pathways in creating more customized and personalized shopping experiences.

“Klarna’s payment methods will allow customers the freedom and flexibility to choose when and how to pay for a purchase, thus creating an overall better shopping experience for them,” Klarna said in a statement. “The solution aims to increase conversion rates, average order value and drive customer loyalty for the merchants. Klarna also assumes responsibility for managing credit and fraud risks, allowing merchants to quickly receive payment for the orders regardless of when the customer chooses to settle the payment.”

Shopify and Klarna have been working together since 2016 by offering customers of merchants such as footwear brand Giesswein and motorized skateboard maker Onewheel the Klarna payment options.

For Onewheel, the Klarn/Shopify partnership is a top-line win. Kyle Doerksen, chief executive officer and founder of Future Motion, which makes the Onewheel, said since it’s a “big-ticket item,” the company wanted to offer its customers an easy-to-use financing option that didn’t limit purchases based on the cost. “With great customer experience, simple integration and fair credit terms, our experience with both Klarna and Shopify was smooth,” Doerksen said, adding that via the implementation of Klarna’s Slice It platform, “we saw a 15 percent uplift in sales and increased customer satisfaction.”