For November, Kohl’s and Old Navy were some of the top performers in ad effectiveness as measured by the ABX Advertising Benchmark Index. According to the report, the top retailers that are tracked ran 574 news ads during the month.

For television ads, Kohl’s was number one with its “Get to Kohl’s and Seize These Saturday-Only Deals” spot, which highlighted the retailer’s private-label apparel brand Sonoma and pushed an “extra 20 percent off” and $15 worth of Kohl’s cash for every $50 in purchases. The retailer’s ABX score was 136. Scores of 100 are considered to be of “average effectiveness,” according to ABX, which uses 14 variables to determine the ABX Index score. The firm also has a “gender equality measure,” which determines if an ad portrays girls and women in “respectful ways.”

Researchers at ABX said for the Kohl’s television ad, “all measures were positive, including the plus-36 percent over norm in the overall ABX Index; a huge plus-89 percent in Reputation; and a big plus-69 percent in Action. Every single ‘Call to Action’ sub-metric was positive, which is rarely seen.”

ABX analysts described the ad as a “clean, upbeat spot with happy models, strong merchandise shots and incredible deals.”

For radio ads, Old Navy’s “Run to Old Navy Right Now and Get 30% to 50% Off” commercial was tops. The ad scored a 117 on the ABX Index, and came in with an “awareness” score of 108 and a “message” score of 119. Its “reputation” score was 139 and its “action” score was 118.

“This is a fairly standard promotional ad, but it scored higher than 67 others at an ABX Index of 117,” the analysts said. “Also notable is very high Reputation score (plus 39 percent over norm) and clarity of Message (plus 19 percent).…The spot’s female voice-over likely contributed to the good scores, as did repetition of the key message, ’30 to 50 percent off.'”

In print, Walgreens was number one with its “Plan to Save Big on Medicare Part D Prescriptions” ad, which garnered a 120 ABX Index score. “Out of 70 print ads [for the month], this simple piece took first place showing shopping for the holidays isn’t the only thing on shoppers’ minds,” the analysts noted in their report.

In digital ads, Amazon was number one with its “Black Friday Deals Week” video, which an ABX Index score of 130. “This is what we like to see in top-scoring creative,” ABX said. “This brief online video has fantastic color and illustration, easy to watch several times over.” To see the ad, click here.

With freestanding inserts, HEB Grocery Co. was tops for its “Fuel Their Awesomeness” ad. For out-of-home billboard ads, there were no winners. ABX said there were only three new boards during the month, and none had a score over 100.