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Active lifestyle brand, La Jolla Group has tapped marketing platform, Emarsys to deliver customer-centric experiences across its portfolio of brands that include O’Neill and Spiritual Gangster. In action, this will be delivered by way of unified messaging and personalization across web, e-mail and social channels.

“Personalization is becoming increasingly critical to better serve our active lifestyle customers who seek it at every point during the purchasing life cycle,” said Nathan Liu, vice president of e-commerce and digital at La Jolla Group. “By embedding artificial intelligence into our marketing strategy, Emarsys is helping us automate and deliver cross-channel personalization to both new and existing customers. This partnership and investment will ensure we build longer and better relationships with our customers while effectively meeting their active wear needs.”

Under the newly minted partnership, La Jolla Group will aim to strengthen engagement with shoppers by bolstering communications across digital channels. Across all efforts, personalization remains an integral concept and strategy for improved brand loyalty — this will be informed by automating marketing campaigns, according to a spokesman for La Jolla Group.

“Businesses in the retail space need to take advantage of the digital disruption that lies at their doorstep,” said Sean Brady, president of Americas at Emarsys. “At an early stage, La Jolla Group identified that they can achieve business gains by investing in personalization, and unite the online and off- line experience for customers.”

To do this, La Jolla Group will deploy a suite of software from Emarsys. For example, the company plans to boost its data collection with the support of its Web Extend program, which collections customer intelligence for deepened personalization across platforms. La Jolla Group will also extend personalized shopping experiences with the service of its product recommendations tool, the spokesman said.

In the increasingly saturated market, brands are charged with mining data to extract detailed insights on consumer behavior and preferences to not only convert a one-time shopper for a returning patron, but to shape future business strategies in a holistic, informed approach.

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