Galeries Lafayette

PARIS — La Redoute, the French clothing and home furnishing catalogue recently bought by Galeries Lafayette, is striking out into the travel business with the launch of a e-commerce site, La Redoute Voyages.

“We are building a global lifestyle offer with the best style and quality value,” said Philippe Berlan, deputy general manager of La Redoute.

The catalogue retailer developed the site with a start up company called PerfectStay with the ambition of becoming the “preferred lifestyle platform for families,” according to a statement.

The move offers insight into where retailers are looking for future business growth as the industry scrambles for positions in a fast changing landscape.

La Redoute estimated the French online tourism market grew at a rate of around 13 percent over the first quarter, citing statistics from FEVAD, the French federation of online and catalogue businesses. It counts 8.5 million individual visitors to its web site per month, and that 58 percent had expressed interest in tourism offers, the retailer added.

Galeries Lafayette bought La Redoute last year to bulk up its online offer, including home goods products.

La Redoute, which historically belonged to Kering, is a household name in France, selling a broad selection of clothing and furniture. Kering exited the business in 2014 as part of a broader strategy to focus on brands with global appeal, selling the company to La Redoute managers Nathalie Balla and Eric Courteille.

After steadily losing clients for nearly two decades, La Redoute managed to increase numbers in 2015. Last year the bulk of sales came from business online, accounting for 90 percent of group sales, including around 30 percent through mobile devices, Balla said last year.

The overhaul included repositioning the apparel offering to be more upscale, renewing collections more often and selling items with better value-for-money.