Canvas by Lands’ End

Lands’ End has reintroduced its Canvas collection, with vivid colors, a feminine point of view, trimmer fits and “global” influences that weren’t part of the palette before.

The label has been slightly revised to Canvas by Lands’ End, from Lands’ End Canvas.

Launched on on Wednesday, Canvas by Lands’ End is being created by designers at Lands’ End, based in Dodgeville, Wisc., as well as other designers in New York and Los Angeles, and developed in Italy. It was originally launched in 2009 and discontinued in 2013.

“When I first started at Lands’ End, I was being asked by many people to bring back the Lands’ End Canvas collection,” said Federica Marchionni, chief executive officer of Lands’ End since February 2015. “This new collection allows us the opportunity to reach an additional audience, younger and more fashion-conscious with a strong desire to express their personal style.” The white label, she added, symbolizes a blank canvas and the idea of creating one’s own style.

“With this launch, we updated our Web site with a multi-brand architecture to support the new collection,” Marchionni said.

The collection is for men and women and includes dresses, sweaters, tops, pants and jackets. Among the key items are long sleeve silk T-shirts, priced $85; elbow sleeve dresses, $165; long jumpsuits, $175; pencil skirts, $95, and short swing parkas, $275.

For men, key looks include long sleeve chambray shirts, $69; cotton slub hoodies, $129; chambray suit trousers, $99, and barracuda jackets, $169.Brush strokes on dresses, star prints, and easy fits are key components. In addition, each piece is designed for versatility, meaning they’re suitable to be worn daytime or in the evening, or on weekdays or weekends.