lane bryant commercial banned

Lane Bryant won’t let NBC and ABC push it around.

As the nation’s largest specialty retailer for women’s plus sizes, Lane Bryant has been working hard to raise its profile and has a new campaign called “This Body” launched last month.

The campaign got an inadvertent lift Friday when reports surfaced that one of the upcoming “This Body” commercials was rejected by the major television networks on Thursday. In response, Lane Bryant put the ad on social media Friday.

“Because of the beautiful imagery and powerful message we have moved forward and put the commercial on our social channels and have received great feedback and support,” said a spokeswoman from Lane Bryant.

Another spokesman for the retailer told WWD that NBC and ABC saw the rough cut of the commercial, which has a group of models in Lane Bryant lingerie, sportswear, denim or disrobed, but there is no frontal nudity depicted. There is a brief moment with one model breast-feeding which, according to spokesman, apparently was the reason for the networks nixing the commercial, if there wasn’t some editing.

“NBC would like to edit the commercial,” the spokesman said. “Our position is we’re not going to let them edit our commercials to what they consider broadcast standards. We think we did a fine job.”

The spokesman said Lane Bryant is considering alternatives but hasn’t made a decision yet on whether or not to edit the commercial.

The ad was intended to air in the spring. “This is not dead. We are up in the air,” the spokesman said. “Lane Bryant spent a lot of money on production. We are trying to make a media buy.”

The controversy could be generating more buzz around the campaign than if the commercial was seen on national networks without any brouhaha.

Lane Bryant’s “This Body” campaign carries the message that bigger is not only better — it’s beautiful.

Designer and model Ashley Graham, who appeared in the last Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, appears in the campaign and the controversial commercial. Also in the 30-second spot are models Precious Lee, Denise Bidot, Georgia Pratt and Tara Lynn, who is momentarily shown breast-feeding her son.

Through the commercial, the models say lines like, “This body is made for style. This body is made for getting it on. This body is made for breaking the mold. This body is made for starting a revolution. This body is made for making love.”

This commercial was made to grab attention.