M.M. LaFleur's concept store.

M.M. LaFleur wants to give consumers some relief. The direct-to-consumer brand on Thursday is unveiling a 500-square-foot concept store called M.M. to Go at Brookfield Place, featuring 10 items that each offer a solution to a different pain point commonly experienced by working women.

“These are the best items we stand behind to give consumers the flavor of what we do,” said founder and chief executive officer Sarah LaFleur. “Painful feet after wearing ill-fitting shoes or spilling coffee, which I do on a daily basis: that was the challenge.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” LaFleur added. “It’s an experiment on our end. We’ve never done traditional brick-and-mortar.”

M.M. LaFleur operates eight appointment-based locations, although walk-ins are accepted. “We spend an hour, sometimes two hours with a client. We don’t have merchandise on the floor, but we pull merchandise for each customer tailored for her needs. We try to make the shopping experience efficient and fun.”

The concept shop is located on the second floor of Brookfield Place near the Hudson Eats food court. At the Brookfield Place unit, there will be limited styling, however, “We’ll show consumers how to mix and match and how to create a week’s worth of products,” LaFleur said. “We won’t offer the whole immersive shopping experience.”

LaFleur sees the concept store as a gateway into the brand. “We see ourselves as a clothing brand that offers very practical solutions,” she said. “For example, pants that change hem lengths depending on whether you’re wearing heels or flats. We’re showing the innovation behind the clothing.

“We hope to open many more of these,” she added.

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