R.H. MACY & C0.

Corporate headquarters: New York
Chairman and ceo: Myron E. Ullman
President and chief merchant, effective July 1: Roger N. Farah
Volume: $6.3 billion

Divisions, headquarters, chief executives, number of stores:

Macy’s East, New York: Arthur E. Reiner, chairman and ceo; Burnett Donoho, vice chairman; David Suliteanu, president of stores; 59 stores

Macy’s West/Bullocks, San Francisco: Michael Steinberg, chairman and ceo; Daniel Edelman, vice chairman; Rudolph Borneo, president of stores; 32 Macy’s, 20 Bullock’s

I. Magnin, San Francisco: Joseph Cicio, chairman; 13 stores

Macy’s Close Out, New York: Ed Morenberg president, 15 stores

Specialty Stores, New York: Richard Crystal, president; 61 Aeropostale and 29 Charter Club stores


Corporate headquarters: Little Rock, Ark.
Chairman and ceo: William Dillard
President and chief operating officer: William Dillard 2nd
Volume: $4.7 billion

Divisions, headquarters, chief executives, number of stores:

Little Rock: Mike Dillard, chairman; John A. Franzke, president; 48 stores

Phoenix: G. Kent Burnett, chairman; Bernard Goldstein, president; 24 stores

Florida: T.R. Gastman, chairman; David M. Doub, president; 29 stores

Fort Worth: James W. Sherburne Jr., chairman; W.R. Appleby, president; 45 stores

San Antonio: Laurence J. Donoghue, chairman; Donald C. Bradley, president; 39 stores

St. Louis: Harry D. Passow, chairman; C.K. Moore, president; 28 stores

Cleveland: Roy Grimes, chairman; 14 stores


Corporate headquarters: St. Louis
Chairman and ceo: David C. Farrell
President: Thomas A. Hays
Volume: $10.5 billion

Divisions, headquarters, chief executives, number of stores:

Lord & Taylor, New York: Marshall Hilsberg; chairman and ceo; Ronald F. Tanler, president; 49 stores

Foley’s, Houston: Donald R. Andrus, chairman; Heywood L. Wilansky, president and ceo; 49 stores

Robinsons-May, Los Angeles: Kenneth L. Wilkerson, chairman; David P. Mullen, president and ceo; 58 stores

Hecht’s, Washington, D.C.: Thomas D. Fingelton, chairman; Irwin Zazulia, president and ceo; 45 stores

Kaufmann’s, Pittsburgh: Clarence O. Reynolds, chairman; William T. Tobin, president and ceo; 40 stores

Filene’s, Boston: Joseph M. Melvin, chairman; Eugene S. Kahn, president and ceo; 33 stores

Famous-Barr, St. Louis: James Hageman, chairman; Thomas J. Hogan, president and ceo; 30 stores

Meier & Frank, Portland, Ore.: J. William Blanford, chairman; Judith K. Hofer, president and ceo; eight stores

Payless Shoesource, Topeka, Kan.: Dale W. Hilpert, chairman and ceo; Maxine Clark, president; more than 3,650 stores

May Merchandising Co., St. Louis: Anthony J. Torcasio, chairman and ceo; John L. Dunham, president;

May Department Stores International, St. Louis: Martin Bloom, president

May Design and Construction Co., St. Louis: Thomas M. Rauch Jr., chairman; Richard Tao, president


Corporate headquarters: Cincinnati
Chairman and ceo: Allen I. Questrom
Vice chairman and chief financial officer: Ronald W. Tysoe
President: James Zimmerman
Volume: $7.2 billion

Divisions, headquarters, chief executives, number of stores:

Abraham & Straus/Jordan Marsh, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Chaim Edelson, ceo; Leonard Marcus, president and chief operating officer; 15 A&S, 20 Jordan Marsh

Burdines, Miami: Howard Socol, chairman; J. David Scheiner, vice chairman; James E. Gray, president; 43 stores