Macy’s, responding to concerns that ISIS is encouraging terrorist attacks on its upcoming Thanksgiving Day Parade, said Monday it “works closely with the New York Police Department and federal law enforcement agencies each year to put in place comprehensive security plans” for the big event.
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade attracts millions along the route which travels down Central Park West, east to Sixth Avenue and downtown to Macy’s Herald Square flagship.
“Our interagency partners lead security efforts along all areas of the parade route and we are in constant communication with the agencies as they actively monitor and evaluate parade security,” Macy’s said in its statement.
The $27 billion department store chain added that “As with any public event in New York City, security elements are extensive from the very visible presence of law enforcement officers to wide-ranging behind the scenes security operations. The safety of our participants and spectators is the top priority for us and our agency partners.”
John Miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism for the NYPD said that ISIS was trying to scare people away from the parade but he encouraged people to attend and not to be afraid. He also said the type of truck attack ISIS encouraged has been taken into account by police and federal agencies in past Macy’s Thanksgiving Parades.
Chief James P. O’Neill of the NYPD was reported saying there would be mobile helicopters, police dogs and helicopters watching the scene as well as radiation detectors, plain clothes police and other measures.
He said this week there will be both things the public will see and other anti-terrorist measures concealed from the public.
Concerns were heightened Monday after an online ISIS magazine article last weekend encouraged using trucks as weapons to wreck havoc on the parade.

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