Mary Kay has struck a digital cord in the iPad app community. In February, Mary Kay Cosmetics collaborated with the enterprise platform ScrollMotion to create the 99 cent Show and Sell party app. Having launched in conjunction with Mary Kay’s new Botanical Effects skin care line, Show and Sell is designed to allow Mary Kay consultants to customize presentations based on the needs of party guests.

“Clients find it effective and we’ve seen definitely seen results,” said Josh Koppel, cofounder and chief creative officer of ScrollMotion. “In the pharm space we’ve seen a 10 percent bump in sales and that’s exactly what companies like Mary Kay are looking for.”

Since its introduction, Show and Sell has had 14,000 downloads, exceeding what Mary Kay employees anticipated. “We expected 12,000 downloads in our first year based on research we conducted on our U.S. sales force,” said Sara Friedman, vice president of U.S. marketing for Mary Kay. “We exceeded that within a matter of months. This app and the other apps we’ve developed are shaping how customers and independent beauty consultants interact with Mary Kay.”

While it’s still sticking to its catalogue roots, Mary Kay Cosmetics wanted to harness the digital technology that is quickly taking over. “The beauty of the technology advance is now you can try on products and see what you need from a tablet or computer,” said Friedman. Sellers are able to play product videos, create wish lists for individual guests and create group presentations based on the needs of the party guests. “It helps guide through what’s most relevant to the customer,” said Friedman. “She’s more likely to make the purchase if there’s customization involved.” 

In addition to selling, Show and Sell is also used as a recruiting device. “There’s a team-building component too,” said Friedman. “Once you’ve fallen in love with the product there’s information in the app as to how to become a salesperson.”