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Measure & Made, the recently launched women’s e-commerce apparel company offering custom-like, fit pants powered by Fitlogic, will start offering extended sizes today.

Up until this point, the brand offered sizes 0-18. It will now go from 0 through 28, using the Fitlogic sizing system that takes both a woman’s size and shape into account.

The way it works is customers take a quick Fitlogic quiz online, answering questions such as their typical pants size, where they tend to gain and lose the most weight, and where their current problem areas are with their existing pants.

After taking the quiz, customers can find out their Fitlogic size, which they can then use to purchase any of the Measure & Made styles. The Fitlogic system was scientifically developed and tested over a 15-year period and 94.8 percent of women fall into one of three shapes: straight, hourglass and curvy.

The Measure & Made e-commerce site started in January.

Pants are manufactured in China and Guatemala and range from $59.95 for trousers and ankle slim front zip pants to $79.95 for denim.

The company offers a 30-day fit guarantee.

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