Moncler's store in Mexico City.

MILAN — Outerwear specialist Moncler is strengthening its retail channel opening its first store in Mexico.

Located inside the Artz Pedregal shopping mall in Mexico City, the 1,938-square-foot unit carries the Moncler men’s and women’s lines as well as the Moncler Genius collections.

Moncler's store in Mexico City.

Moncler’s store in Mexico City.  Courtesy Photo

The company tapped the French architectural duo Gilles & Boissier to conceive the interior concept, which combines dark wood boiserie embossed with floral motifs with glass and metal elements. Grey Carnico marble and white Calacatta marbles are also laid on walls and the floor, where a geometric pattern indicates the way to a lighting installation exclusively created for the store by Belgian artist Bardula.

Simultaneously, the company has also launched a temporary store in London’s Sloane Street dedicated to its Moncler Grenoble collection. Also designed by Gilles & Boissier, the interior format has been revisited with splash of red tones on the walls and optical-patterned flooring for this unit.

Moncler's Temporary Store in London.

Moncler’s Temporary Store in London.  Courtesy Photo

As reported, in the first nine months of the year, the organic growth and development of the monobrand retail network drove Moncler’s revenues from the retail channel to rise to 597.3 million euros, up 25 percent, compared to 477.8 million euros in the first nine months of 2017.

Overall, the company’s total revenues climbed 18 percent to 872.7 million euros, compared with 736.8 million euros in the same period last year.

Established in Grenoble, France, in 1952, Moncler was acquired by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini in 2003 and is publicly listed on Milan’s Stock Exchange.

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