Snapchat may stand to gain the most from young users on social media in 2018.

Mood Media’s latest upgrade for retailers now lets shoppers have a say with the in-store music playlist.

Released today, the Mood Mix Pro platform features a social mix, which the company said is “designed to provide a previously unavailable level of interactivity in the playlists being experienced by in-store customers.”

The in-store music program allows listeners — shoppers and employees — to select songs they’d like to hear next via the Social Mix web site. The company said the most popular songs rise to the top of the playlist, and it noted that users don’t have to download an app or register. They can just visit the web page with a mobile device.

“Not only does this provide customers with a meaningful way to engage with brands, but it enhances their overall store experience, which leads to stronger brand loyalty and emotional connectivity,” the company said in the launch announcement.

The rollout of this music program for retailers and brands comes at a time when companies are reexamining the importance of the in-store experience. After years of investing in e-commerce, some analysts and industry observers have criticized retailers of neglecting physical stores. But there have been efforts of late aimed at revitalizing the in-store experience via more theatrical merchandising, extension of product categories, bolder presentations and installation of digital displays, as well as more thoughtful use of lighting and music.

Dave Van Epps, global chief product officer and executive vice president of local sales for Mood Media, said music “can communicate the heart and soul of a brand, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses.”

“It’s no secret the connected generation is causing profound shifts in the ways retailers and businesses engage with customers,” Van Epps said, referring to Millennials who are well-known as early adopters of technology, and are also deeply connected to their iPhones and other mobile devices.

The company said this latest version includes its “signature feature set of uninterrupted and vetted content, playlist scheduling and mixing, access to Mood’s 350-plus professionally curated music programs and more flexible scheduling options for song preferences via Mood’s exclusive hybrid StreamingPlus technology.”

Van Epps described it as a “highly reliable streaming platform” aimed at delivering “terrific music choices, site-level playlist control, turnkey mobile marketing and cutting-edge customer interaction capabilities.”