Lovr is an e-commerce platform for green beauty stores.

An online marketplace for natural beauty has arrived.

Brands can now set up their own green beauty stores on Lovr, a newly launched e-commerce platform that aims to provide shoppers with a variety of more affordable natural beauty products, according to founder Jessica Pritchett.

While on her own green beauty “journey” Pritchett found that many of the natural beauty outposts she was visiting — from Whole Foods to Cap Beauty to Credo to Shen — were selling basically the same thing, and she said, it was pricy.

“I did some market research and I thought people are more interested in organic stuff, they are willing to pay, but there is a big segment that is really not familiar with it and they might have sticker shock,” Pritchett said. So, she decided to set up a site where natural brands of all price points could sell their wares as a way to introduce green beauty to new consumers. Products can be found for less than $5 or more than $75 on the site. In addition to the shopping experience, Lovr also runs a blog that Pritchett describes as a cross between Real Simple and a women’s magazine.

Lovr, which quietly launched in late August and now has 40 brand stores, was in the works for roughly a year before it launched, backed by $32,000 from private investors, Pritchett said. “If we do well, our model might be copied,” Pritchett said.

Lovr’s brands set up their own shops and handle their own logistics, Pritchett said. “I thought bringing everybody together would be a great way for discovery,” she said. “Finding the brands was sort of like finding a needle in a haystack,” she said, adding that the site will function as a place for people looking for a wide variety of green beauty in one place.

The stores on Lovr sell skin care, hair care, cosmetics, body and bath products, men’s products, fragrances and other items. When Pritchett and her team look at a new brand they keep in mind a list of no-go ingredients, but more than that, they are looking for brands with stories, she said.

“We look into the brand story,” she said. “All the vendors on the site have an interesting story, and I’ve met the vendors personally either face to face or through Skype. I require them to send me samples of everything they have.”

At the moment, Pritchett says the site is well stocked with skin-care products, but she’s looking to stock up on more men’s, mom and baby and hair-care, especially for textured hair.

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