Shopping online and shopping in stores are two different animals, yet Neiman Marcus is looking to innovation to bring a sense of “seamlessness” to the experiences. has added myNM, an automated feature discretely located on the top-left corner of the homepage. Executives say it’s geared to personalize the shopping experience by replicating to some degree how you might shop the physical store.

Essentially, myNM edits the site down based on data accumulated from past shopping and browsing online. Fifteen widgets, like “new since your last visit” or “just for you” help direct the online experience, making it quick and efficient.

In addition, myNM goes beyond the suggested selling feature that some other Web sites offer, where products pop up, presumably ones customers would be interested in due to past purchases. MyNM reveals top pins from and what items are trending best on the Web site, and has look books from preferred designers as well as editorial features.

“It was fully launched in mid-September so we are just really beginning to talk about it and market it to customers,” said Lindy Rawlinson, Neiman’s senior vice president of e-commerce. “Our goal is really to provide a highly personalized and engaging experience for customers online. There’s one easy page where you can grab all of the different features. We certainly plan to continue to enhance and refine myNM.”

The more a user visits, the more personalized myNM gets, Rawlinson noted. It could get even more personal if Neiman’s applies information obtained from stores into the feature, which Rawlinson said is a possibility for the future.

While enhancing the online experience and potentially elevating online sales, there’s no evidence that the feature leads to fewer store visits. “Absolutely not,” Rawlinson said. “Customers can stay connected with the stores as they are shopping online.” One widget enables shoppers to home in on their favorite or most-frequented Neiman Marcus store by displaying news and events at the brick-and-mortar location of choice.

For the broader shopper experience, when consumers might want to explore designers or categories that they normally don’t, they just use without the myNM feature. The technology for myNM was created by a collaboration of Neiman’s internal team, BloomReach and RichRelevance.

“Being able to really provide that unique mix and balance of personalized product and recommendations, and mixing that with an editorial point of view from Neiman Marcus, we think is certainly unique and different within the luxury space,” Rawlinson said.

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