Montez Renault

Montez Renault, the men’s grooming line cofounded by National Football League veteran Karlos Dansby, is hitting Nordstrom shelves April 15.

The nine-product lineup of shaving cream, facial moisturizer, moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, three-in-one performance wash, moisturizing body wash, jojoba smoothing scrub, body lotion and facial cleanser will be sold in 50 Nordstrom stores, including locations in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. The distribution deal could bring the business to about $1.4 million in sales for 2016, according to industry sources.

Dansby, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns during his 12-year career as an NFL linebacker, said the Nordstrom deal was a “game-changer.” He is president and brand ambassador for Montez Renault.

The brand plans to add more products to the lineup later in the year, and is working to develop hair pomade and antiaging skin care, according to chief executive officer and cofounder Christopher Butler. “We’ve gotten a huge demand to have styling products,” Butler said.

The line came to fruition after Dansby and Butler opened a man-cave-inspired men’s salon — Butler’s Grooming Club — inside the Birmingham, Ala.-based Saks Fifth Avenue in 2009. Eventually, the pair started developing their wares with feedback from customers, winding up with a line that includes Quosome, a proprietary encapsulation that aims to allow quicker skin penetration, and Inflacin, which is said to control inflammation. The Montez Renault name is a combination of Dansby and Butler’s middle names. Now, the company is supported by investors and board members, including Ronald Levitt, Bobbie Knight, Gary Burley, Johnnie and Nick Sfankios, and adviser Mike Espy. Dansby and Butler are also on the board.

The duo’s playbook doesn’t stop at Nordstrom. They plan to rebrand Butler’s Grooming Club, changing the name to Montez Renault Grooming Club, and then roll out locations in southeast metropolitan areas, says Butler. Further distribution is also on the table.

Outside of Butler’s Grooming, Montez Renault is sold through Birchbox;; the Grooming Lounge in Washington, D.C.; the Reagle Beagle in Cleveland, and other outlets.

“We have two current retailers that are looking at the brand,” Butler said. “You look at a brand like Sephora — we’d love to one day have Montez Renault within their distribution channel.”