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Nick Jonas, who has been photographed channeling Marky Mark, bared his tamer side Thursday night at Lord & Taylor, where he crooned a wholesome medley of two Christmas classics and two songs from his new self-titled CD to help celebrate the unveiling of L&T’s holiday windows, which this year depict an enchanted house filled with playful mice, fairies, butterflies, and a smattering of technology and tongue-in-cheek animal portraits and videos. Jonas did a meet and greet for about 500 young women on the third floor, who received pre-autographed CDs. “He’s hot,” said Liz Rodbell, the president of Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay. “Our customers are totally inspired by what he stands for.”

“I don’t want anything for Christmas,” Jonas said. “I just want to spend time with my family.” It’s release week in New York for his CD though Jonas is thinking beyond. “I’m in conversation with a few people,” on a possible apparel deal, Jonas said. “I think outerwear would work for me but I don’t want to rule out any category.”