Nike’s turning to YouTube to help sharpen its focus on the women’s business.

The activewear company kicked off the latest iteration of its “Better For It” campaign at an event in New York Thursday night. “Margot vs Lily,” an eight-part original series, will debut on Feb. 1 on YouTube, with new episodes airing every Monday.

A continuation of its inaugural “Better For It” campaign that launched in April, “Inner Thoughts,” this is the latest initiative put forth by Nike to grow its women’s business. The company is putting sizable marketing efforts behind the category, which is projected to nearly double to $11 billion in sales by 2020. Women’s will comprise more than 20 percent of Nike Inc.’s overall revenue, projected to reach $50 billion over that time frame.

The activewear giant tapped Emmy-nominated executive producer Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, director Tricia Brock and author and screenwriter Jesse Andrews to create the series, which follows sisters Margot, 24, and Lily, 22.

Lily, played by Samantha Marie Ware, is a YouTube sensation who gets challenged by her older sister Margot, played by Brigette Lundy-Paine, to make three new friends this year. Lily’s fitness channel, “LilyNinja,” has 900,000 subscribers and because she spends so much time maintaining her online persona, making friends has taken a backseat. On the flip side, Lily challenges Margot, who was recently fired from her job, to start her own fitness YouTube channel and get 1,000 subscribers.

Kerri Hoyt-Pack, vice president of global brand marketing, women’s training at Nike, said that not only is the series’ message applicable for Nike, but it’s a message to the entire female community.

“’Better For It’ is about the celebration of athletes,” Hoyt-pack told WWD, adding that the series encourages women “to be better and athletes everywhere to push themselves to be better, and through sport is a great way to do that.”

She said that the series touches on the full range of emotions, from vulnerability to confidence. Margot and Lily are embarking on a journey and getting “better for it” — and the hope is that the audience will, too.

“It’s an invitation for transformation. Our call was to assess every detail and make it as motivating, easy and fulfilling as it could be for athletes everywhere,” Hoyt-Pack said. Every episode is tied to a workout that the audience is invited to partake in.

The rollout of “Margot vs Lily” signals the launch of Nike’s “Better For It” hub on the brand’s digital flagship, containing motivation from master trainers, training tips and links to e-commerce. As product is a key element in the series, Hoyt-Pack explained, looks featured in “Margot vs Lily” will be available for sale via the hub, powered through In an attempt to make the e-commerce aspect as seamless as possible, there’s a link to products and key looks featured throughout the series.

“We have looked at this as definitely our biggest and most integrative women’s initiative to date. We’re already at $5.7 billion dollars and the world’s leading athletic brand, but for us it’s not necessarily about the revenue. We’re running a business here and it’s important to continue that leadership position and this chapter is part of it,” Hoyt-Pack said.

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