NikePlus Partner Unlocks Apple Music Headspace ClassPass

After unveiling its Unlocks program in November, NikePlus will expand its range of benefits on Monday, adding three incentives for the fitness-minded.

According to Gillian Almy, Nike Inc.’s senior director of membership services, the perks were designed to inspire and “serve the holistic athlete,” with rewards for working out that span music, mindfulness and movement.

For instance, NikePlus members who rack up more miles or reps in the Nike Run Club or Nike Training Club apps can qualify for up to six months of free access to Apple Music. Purchases can also unlock rewards. Take the brand’s Nike Epic React Flyknit — the cushioned running shoe doesn’t release until Feb. 22, but members can pick one up in an exclusive White Fusion colorway on Monday. Those who buy on Feb. 5 and 6 can qualify for up to four months of Apple Music access.

When Unlocks launched, the rewards were strictly a Nike affair, including access to equipment experts, a members-only shop and an early product reservation feature. These latest benefits mark the start of externally sourced perks.

Nike NikePlus Workout Rewards Unlocks

NikePlus rewards members for working out.  Courtesy photo

Apple, which has had a long-standing relationship with Nike, is one partner the athletic brand is tapping for the program. The other two “unlocks” come from the Headspace app, which offers guided meditation, and ClassPass, whose credits will work toward fitness classes.

Throughout February, Nike’s Exclusive Shop will add footwear styles that include the Epic React Flyknit, the Zoom KDX and the Kyrie 4 iD,  in new colors available for members only.

For Nike, the program is “really about that lifetime relationship with each member,” Almy said. “It’s about us delivering that personalized membership experience over time.”

The company is offering product discounts for an entire birthday month, the ability to unlock and buy eligible items in the Nike app, or courtside seats to a game.

Nike NikePlus Exclusive Shop, featuring EpicReact in White Fusion

The NikePlus Exclusive Shop will add several new athletic shoes, including the Epic React in White Fusion.  Courtesy photo

“The more interactions we have with our members — like one-to-one conversation through our digital experiences — [the more it] arms us with intel and insight around what they look for and what they really need,” said the membership director.

Indeed, if research boils down to key factors like sample size, then NikePlus lends the company’s efforts some credibility: In the last year, the membership base grew more than 30 percent to more than 100 million.

The information they contribute enables promotions tailored to customer interests. It also informs everything from Nike’s product design, regional trend mapping and more. “This is a great way for us to get a good signal overall on what’s resonating, not only just with our members but with the marketplace,” Almy added.

Nike’s approach also translates to brick-and-mortar.

“We’re still scaling that approach,” she said. “But we’ve been piloting how we could actually deploy unlocks from our in-store athletes to members on the spot, and we’ve seen some really compelling results.”

Think of it as Nike being on retail trend. Experts have been emphasizing the need for multichannel or omnichannel approaches, which essentially fuse physical and digital efforts into a cohesive and customized consumer experience.

In this case, Almy described a scenario in which local members were picked, based on their preferences and history, to receive access to Nike’s Maker’s Experience studio at 45 Grand Street in New York: “We actually deployed an unlock to members out of our SoHo store,” she said. “On the spot, we gave them access to this incredible customization experience.”

Nike is working on broader in-store deployments. NikePlus Unlocks and experience offers roll out in the Nike iPhone and Android apps on Monday.